2006 Some early works

2007 Light doesn't stick to the surface like paint but it's painting no

2007 A painting for download

2008 Funeral for paintbrushes w badly re-painted masterpieces printed beautifully

2009 A blog about what's happening to painting

2009 Internet images brushed apart and printed to silk

2010 Digital painting as oddball finalist in a bad oil painting prize

2011 An early BYOB event

2011 Retouched images as paintings hung from a custom ethernet connection

2012 Readymade urinal objects purchased on eBay and resold on eBay live from a gallery

2013 Pre-real paintings installed in modelled studio projected in same empty studio

2013 Inkjet prints repainted with brush & water with larger scan printed & as file on USB

2014 21st century update: hand style still legal identity

2015 Steps in to mixed reality with the wrong tools

2016 Fixed time versus fluid surface